August 22, 2010

Please help, if you can

Katherine from BLES write on August 21, 2010

"Faithful friends,
Let me introduce you to Pang Dow (Miss Star)….
This young elephant has already endured years of relentless abuse. The multitude of scars covering her body reveal only a whisper of the horror she has suffered.
As a baby, Pang Dow was forced to walk to the city streets of Thailand, reduced to begging for a living. Once she got ‘too big’ for life on the streets, her heartless owners put her to work in a busy tourist camp where she was made to carry tourists around in a heavy chair that was strapped to her back for hours on end everyday. Recently, tourists have been refusing to ride Pang Dow. Furious, her owners withdrew her from the camp and condemed her to hauling piles of extremely heavy logs in the forest. This is all heartbreaking, Im sure you will agree. The thing that makes Pang Dow’s story particulary disturbing is the fact she is disabled.
Born with a heavily deformed front leg, Pang Dow has learnt to walk using the outside of her wrist as a foot. Her shoulder is permanently swollen, her back is weak and is at serious risk of breaking if she continues with such demanding physical labour.
There is another sad twist to Pang Dow’s sad story…
There is a man who wants to buy Pang Dow and use her for ‘breeding purposes’. He talked openely about his plans to shackle her front feet together while both her back legs are chained and pulled as far a part as they phsically can be. He smiled when he descibed the bulls he would have repeatedly mount her, against her will. His intent? To make Pang Dow pregnant, snatch the calf and sell it on to camp managers who will pay a lucrative amount for such a treasure. Then, Pang Dow will be shacked, chained down and forced bred again. This forced breeding (akin to rape) cycle will continue until her back breaks or she dies. To be honest, I dont think her potential owner cares either way.
You have a chance to change Pang Dow’s fate. Her future is lying in your hands – She has done nothing but obey every command shouted at her and submit to every demand made of her. Let’s give her back her freedom and allow her to rest in the arms of BLES.
Pang Dow’s current mahout is violent and drinks heavliy. The day BLES went to investigate, he beat Pang Dow incessently to make her walk faster. He stunk of alcohol and even had the ordassity to drink whiskey while he was riding Pang Dow.

For this poor elephant it seems the cruelty is endless. But you and I know that is not true. We are going to come together as we have done in the past and pull this girl out of her hell.
We are going to share her plight with thousands and raise the funds to save her once and for all. We need to raise a total of 500 000 baht to end the nightmare for Pang Dow and bring her home to BLES. I know we can do this.
Please make a donation of any amount TODAY. This is a race against time. Her painful days drag on and on with each minute that passes. Please, keep her in your thoughts and do something to allow Pang Dow to be the shining star she wants to be.
No elephant should have to work to fuel man’s greed… SAVE PANG DOW TODAY!
Donations should be made directly throught our website and not via any other group/organisation claiming they are in afiliation with BLES.
Heartfelt thanks for your unconditional support and unshakable faith in BLES,

I know I've been repeating myself and I might come of as pushy, but I can't turn my head away and look the other way. If I can help, even if only by spreading this message, I feel the need to do it.

Thank you for your patience and help.



Louise said...

Sandra, you just push away. It's how things get done. I'm pretty broke, just pulled a horse from the kill pen and got it safely settled, but I'll see if I can scrape up a few dollars.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor thing! Thank you for sharing, Sandra.

Sandra said...

Thank you so much Louise - saving that horse is as much important as this cause. You are wonderful!

Canyon Girl said...

Yes, Sandra, I'm totally broke too between the vet expenses and my physical therapy. But I entered the link and it works now. I'll see what you wrote in the title, etc. and may just copy that. I may be able to post something too. It breaks my heart that they put these wonderful animals through all these horrors. I had never even thought about it until I met you. You do great work in raising awareness. So let me start with the link to her sanctuary and then I will see what I can do about money later on.

Sandra said...

Inger - thank you! My main goal was to let the story of Pang Dow be heard. You sharing the BLES web page will be of help in getting BLES some recognition and I can't ask more of you. I know money is tight everywhere and if one can donate, it's great, but if someone can't but hears the story is good as well. I believe positive energy, positive thoughts can do miracles.

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