August 28, 2010

Great update on Pang Dow - Miss Star

Katherine from BLES gave us the best news there could be!!! Pang Dow is coming home to BLES!!!! Thank you for all of your help:))) I am a happy girl today!! 

"28 August 2010


BLES supporters, you incredible people have done it again. You have saved Pang Dow — Miss Star is coming home to BLES!

What can I say? Once again BLES supporters from all around the world have united and moved mountains for the elephants. This particular elephant has suffered and endured more abuse than any other I have come across. She has known nothing but agony and aggression. But that is all about to change thanks to your kindness and unstoppable drive to save her.

Your total and absolute faith in BLES is what has saved Pang Dow. We cannot do any of this without you and the numerous ways you support us. I want to shout from the roof tops over and over again ‘THANK YOU!!!’.

I voiced Pang Dow’s story exactly one week ago. In the seven days that followed, I lost power and was without electricity for four days. In my absence, a number of people came together and drove the campaign, but one person in particular refused to let anything get in the way of Pang Dow’s safety. Evelyn Connor, my mum, went above and beyond the call of duty and I wouldn’t be sharing this outstanding news if it wasn’t for my mum’s dedication and pure love. Thank you mum.

There are many people who did everything they could to ensure Pang Dow was not sold into the hands of the business man, who intended to use her for forced breeding. You know who you are and I hope you know how endlessly thankful I am for your help. Your efforts are not unnoticed.

Once the funds have arrived in our Thai account, we will be off to save the life of Pang Dow. She will join our 12 other elephants and will never have to live another day in fear. She will learn how to be an elephant again and will come to realize that not all humans are bad. We will love her and show her she is safe.

Be proud. You have done something amazing today.

Katherine xx"


Sharon said...

That really is wonderful news! How soon will she be moved to the sanctuary? I wonder if anything can be done for her foot?

Thanks for letting us know, Linda!

Canyon Girl said...

Is it for sure even though the money isn't in the Thai account? I can't wait to see her at the sanctuary -- this is the best news!

I commented back to you that I will next time put a trash can over the snake, leave it until morning when it is cold and the snake will be out of it, and then get my correct shovel and move it safely far away from our house. It was too crazy last night and I feared that Angel had been bitten.--Inger

Sharon said...

Man, I am SOOOOoooo sorry, I was so drug out when I got home and tried to comment and I DO know better, I KNOW your name is Sandra. You must think me a tired out old lady.......... or maybe an idiot. Color me RED

Melody said...

What great news! :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

A miracle is so right!! Please let us know when she is safe, okay? Our prayers will continue until she is safe!!

Heather said...

Oh Sandra, I am THRILLED!!!
This is the best news I could have heard. I can now go to sleep and have a nice dream about her new fun life (I hope).
Thank you for sharing!

Sandra said...

Sharon, don't you worry! I sometimes think I am a Linda, I can get so distracted:)))

Sandra said...

Inger, from what I've read some people managed not to let her be sold to someone else and the money will only be transferred from one BLES account to the other.

polly's path said...

that's terrific news!!!!
You are such a champion for these animals...thank you for sharing the happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! It's always so wonderful to read about happy endings!

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