August 20, 2010

Can we help rescue this beautiful elephant?

I have another plight for help. If anyone can donate or share this story on their blog (every help is appreciated) we can help save Pang Dow (Miss Star), a disabled elephant from abuse. 

Katherine Connor from BLES wrote: 

"She is in her early twenties and has endured years of abuse. As you can see she is seriously disabled. She was born with this disability, but has worked on the streets, as a trekking elephant and is now used to log. We have to act quickly with this rescue. PLEASE HELP. On the backs of both ears are scars from S shaped hooks she had embedded into them when she was forced to walk the streets. There is another buyer except form BLES: he wants to breed her- this means forced breeding, to put it another way - rape. She is not strong enough to have a male mount her. It might break her back. It might possibly kill her. Can you imagine carrying a calf for 22 months and being heavily disabled????? Her mahout whacked her on the head repeatedly to get her to walk faster."
If there is anyway you can help, please do so as soon as possible... time is running short for this unfortunate ellie. 

Donations can be made through BLES at their web page:


polly's path said...

oh, how disturbing. When I traveled through Europe about a decade ago I was disgusted by the street monkeys and bears, chained and hooked and beaten to perform for mere coins. As odd as it sounds, it was as sad as the sight of begging toddlers. I never saw and elephant, thankfully.

Sharon said...

That is terrible, some days I think I was born a generation too soon (so I could help make a real difference). Now it all just breaks my heart.

Canyon Girl said...

It's so horrible what goes on with animals out in the world and in our own backyards -- not ours, but not far, I mean. I want to get her logo on my blog. How do I do that, Sandra?

Sandra said...

Polly - it is disturbing and so sad. I know there are animals everywhere suffering (like you mentioned) and I sometimes just get so frustrated that I cannot help them all :( But we I/we can still help some.

Sharon - it breaks my heart, too :(

Inger - a suffering animal is never far, sadly. If you'd like to put the BLES logo on your web page... follow this:
- sign into your blog
- click on "design" on the far right top corner
- choose "add a gadget"
- from the gadget window I picked Picture
- you can choose what to write in the title and caption
- for the logo of BLES copy this link in the link bar:
- click on Save
I hope it works.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Oh this is so heartbreaking! I don't know how anyone could hurt such a magnificent animal...Please let us know if she finds her way to safety, I'm so praying that she will...

Heather said...

Our family will be making a donation for sure. TODAY!

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