June 22, 2010


Elda asked me to join her in an interesting project, inspired by the a year of mornings project, between 2 friends who exchanged daily photo conversations while they were miles apart. We'll only be doing it for a month, once a week: we'll exchange photos with short captions and see how we perceive our mornings and what catches our attention. 

I can't say I am a morning person but I still make sure I am up before 8  a.m. every morning as as sweet as sleeping in is, I much prefer to start my day early. Too much sleep (and I love sleeping) just seems a waste of time. I am not very talkative early in the morning. I need like 10 minutes to become more like myself :) I don't eat breakfast (some say that is not good but I tried too many times and I know this is how it works for me), I don't drink coffee or tea - I just have a glass of water. I take care of my pets, myself and I am off to work.

I did want to put Elda's photo first but the PC is smarter then I am......

ELDA: "frugal breakfast"
'going healthy and light is what 
i like to do for breakfast, but only 
when i feel inspired!' 
"the first daisy in my garden"
"I love to take a peak at the 
outside world after I wake up and 
I was happy to discover that my 
daisies were finally in blossom"


Elda said...

cool! i was waiting for you to post this. i'm not a talkative person in the mornings neither, and i'm angry at who tries to be communicative LOL LEAVE ME ALONE!

Louise said...

That is a great idea. It seems like a good way to get to know someone much better.

The Zadge said...

What a great idea!! I want to do it with one of my friends - but we'd have to call it a year of evenings, 'cause I am definitely NOT a morning person!

Katie said...

great idea!
Beautiful pictures.

Christina said...

I love this idea! Can't wait to see more.

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