June 22, 2010

A baby elephant and his mother need urgent help!

Katherine Connor created BLES in memory of the baby elephant, Boon Lott (which means survivor in Thai). Inspired by his unfailing courage when faced with obstacle after obstacle, Katherine founded a home in his name for rescued and retired elephants. You can read about her journey http://www.blesele.org/how-we-began.

She writes a journal and you can read how badly Pheung Yai (Bumble Bee), a just 1 year and 7 months old baby elephant needs to be rescued from his abusive owner, who is actually willing to sell the calf to her.

Wassana (Fortune) is 40 years old. She is a victim of constant, relentless abuse. She is "for sale", too. 

Pheung Yai needs 700 000 baht and Wassana 480 000 baht. They almost succeeded in getting enough funds to save Wassana, but they are still  not there. And the little boy needs our help, too. 

Like Katherine writes: "Instead of buying that dress, those shoes, the bag, please think of these two elephants who have known nothing but heartache their entire lives. They need you and your donations. Please do not put it off. Do it today and we will inch closer to releasing these two elephants from their nightmare."

No donation is too small. I hope we can all be a part of this rescue. I know I will be. 

Thank you for reading and I don't mind if you repost this, not at all!


Anonymous said...

Poor, poor babies!

Canyon Girl said...

From the largest to the smallest -- why do some people have to abuse animals? It makes me so furious I have no idea what I would do if I found one of these people. You are a good soul, Sandra. I'm honored to have found you on the blogs.

Katie said...

oh my Lord. I had no idea.

Sharon said...

Hello! So very nice to meet you! Oh, those poor elephants! We have an elephant sanctuary not too far from here, it is not open to the public (dang!), it is for old and abused elephants. I hear they are doing great things.

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