March 3, 2010


Pupa is my very spoiled cat. She will be 9 years old on March 23. This means that in human years she is already older than I am. And she knows that. She believes she has seniority in our home. And that seniority brings privileges. 
 Sleepy Pupa.. at her first home

Her Mum was a stray cat my co-worker Marina took in when she was pregnant. Pupa and her brother and sister were born in a warm home and I will be forever grateful to Marina for her kindness. 
Pupa with her Mum

Pupa on her first day with us

I only have one bed (ok, 2 if you count the couch which comes handy while watching TV). She has 5: two on the couch, one by the window on the veranda, one in the computer's room, one under her bench (yes, she has a handmade bench, too) on the veranda.
In two of her beds
her antics..
She sleeps throughout the day and feels lonely at night so she meows tirelessly by our bedroom door. At 2 or 4 am. Except from when we make a deal with her and repeat her several timers she is not allowed to meow during the night.
Pupa being comfortable....

The only word she understands is NO. I bet she does, she's heard it like a bazillion times.The only time she doesn't obey, is when she has her teeth dived into our skin. She's quite a warrior, you know?
bed number 3

She is a very determined cat: she knows what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it. She only cuddles on her terms... if we want her to cuddle, she turns into this warrior machine I mentioned above. 
Being cute...
Despite her age she is still playful and crazy. She loves to play with straws and  a small soft ball Melody sent her all the way from Massachusetts - since it's scented with catnip I think she is actually in love with it. We play together with the ball or other toys and she can be so attentive - that always makes me laugh because she seams so serious about it. She also likes to play hide & seek with me: I hide in a room and I call to her.. she ALWAYS comes, I am like a prey to hear. She can hide, too, and when I call to her, she stands still, won't move and can stay hidden until curiosity gets to her.

She doesn't trust strangers. Which would be perfectly fine with me if my parents, our friends, neighbors weren't strangers to her! When we go on holidays I take her to my parents' place: it takes her a few days to settle but when she does, she thinks that is home. When we come to pick her up, we are almost treated like strangers!!!

She has to be on a urinary diet. She likes the dry food of the brand that the vet suggested, but the wet food is a no go. I chose to give her one or two small cans of wet food a week - of her favourite brand as she deserves a treat now and then. 

She makes me smile every day. She is here for me every day. That is why I love her so much. She can be very gentle but that is not what defines her. She is very independent and that is part of her charm. 


Martinas Welt said...

these are soo cute photos of Pupa and I had to laugh out loud often seeing her pic or reading what you had written about her. She reminds me of our Mika as well...she is now lying on my scanner in front of me looking down on me....cats are such lovely fellows!!!

Melody said...

Aren't we lucky to be owned by a cat(s)? They are like furry little hot water bottles when you don't feel good... and fun little playmates when you do! They are excellent teachers... look how well trained we are! You have written a beautiful tribute to your fiesty (but sweet on the inside) little tigress Pupa! :)

Melody said...

I just noticed she didn't have her nose freckles as a kitten?
So cute little baby Pupa sleeping with her Mum!

Sandra said...

Martina, I like who you said Mika is looking down on you.. they do that, don't they?
Melody, she did train me well:))) As you know, dogs have owners, cats have staff:)) And you are a keen observer! The freckles came with age:)

Christina said...

Wow, I didn't realize she was nine years old. She looks so much younger and still acts very kittenish. :)) I love cats, more than dogs even. There will come a time when my dogs will be gone but I will always have at least one cat.

Of course, when I get really old, I will be a crazy cat lady...kind of like Melody is now. hehehe

Eva said...

Wonderful pictures and great story. Pupa does have personality... I love that, cats with an attitude :-)

Eva said...

Wonderful pictures. They do make you smile, don't they? Seems like Pupa does have an attitude ... I love that ;-)

Elda said...

nice pupa out there :) said from someone who's afraid of cats, this is a great compliment, isn't it? i wish she wasn't so afraid of me and alice when we visit.

cool background, too. of the many you changed, this is the one that suits the blog better. it really looks like the elephant is coming ot of the jungle!

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