March 1, 2010

Lunch at the Castle

There's a small castle, the castle of Socerb, built on a big rock overlooking Trieste and Koper - Elda and Alfonso had the great idea of us all having lunch there. We've visited the castle itself several times before as it offers a spectacular view + you can take a walk through the forest near by but we never entered the restaurant. 
The restaurant itself is quite small; it can take up to 30 or something people - but it is very welcoming. For starters we had some cheese you could spread on pieces of roasted bread with a little bit of smoked raw salmon and a little bit of salmon caviar, which I found oh so terrible. The others ordered a fish carpaccio (specially prepared raw fish) and they loved it. I had ravioli with Georgie mushrooms which was fabulously tasty!
 how it was served
...and voila'!

The desert (chocolate and white cream cake with marinated red orange's peal) was delicious, too. 
The owner of the restaurant showed us the castle's wine cellar where he treasures a wine from the 1800's that the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia drank in her times. 
Elda in the wine cellar
the forest
a detail
The leisurely stroll through the forest was a nice intermezzo before we rounded up our afternoon at a historical Trieste coffee house on the Riva -Caffe' Tommaseo. It's actually the oldest coffee house there that opened in 1830. It was furnished with large mirrors brought from Belgium. It was restored in 1997 and renewed in the style of the tradition of Vienna's cafes.


Martinas Welt said...

Cool...a lunch in a castle! =)
The Café really looks like in Austria =)

Melody said...

I wouldn't eat raw fish, but their dishes are really neat! I love the lid! I will skip the wine cellar; it looks like it could use a good dusting!! *aaacchooooo* ha ha
I want to go to the coffee house though, it looks soooo inviting!! Love your new background paper! :)

Sandra said...

Melody, when you come I'll take you to all of these places!

Christina said...

That is so cool that you can have lunch in a castle! Love the coffee house too. :)

Eva said...

You must have had a great time. I love the places you've been to. Raw fish ... mmmm, yummi.

Eva said...
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Elda said...

what a great day we had! melody, you can't skip the wine cellar, though!

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