March 17, 2010

Celebrating Ireland

Our trip to Ireland in 2008 was my favourite trip ever. It was pure bliss and I loved everything about it: the landscape, the history, the Celtic ruins, Guinness, the Irish dance, the people.... To honor the country and its people, here are some photos from our trip.
at Clonmacnoise (my favourite place) 
the Kylemore Abbey
  Cliffs of Moher
 Powerscourt gardens
 Temple Bar, Dublin

 The Burren


Christina said...

Beautiful pictures Sandra! I love the Guinness picture, it turned out very well. It could be used in a magazine as an advertisement. You are a really talented photographer!

Melody said...

*ssssiiiiggggghhhhhhhh :) Beautiful. Just beautiful... What does the charm say, translated I mean? Christina is right, the Guiness people would pay you for that one! The Temple Bar came out good too,for the darkness... and i love the tea pot on the window sill.
It's making me want to return to old Eire... and I'm hearing Irish music... no.. wait, - I REALLY am, i have my Irish music playing on my computer!

Sandra said...

Melody; Gaelic "Gra Sonas Slainte" (pronounced grah son-ah slawn-chah)means "Love, Health, Happiness"

Elda said...

lovely pics, sandra :) ireland is so very green!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos! We hope to visit Ireland someday as well. You've made our desire even more so!

*Katie* said...

your photos are just beautiful! I would LOVE to be able to take pics like these!

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