Although I am truly and unconditionally passionate about the animals, nature and our planet in general this blog might be about other things that inspire me as well. I share my life with my husband and 3 cats (Pupa, MIka and Lia). I volunteer on an almost daily basis at the cat sanctuary and I foster kittens and/or cats at home, I TNR stray cats that I also feed regularly,  I sponsor orphaned baby elephants and a baby rhino with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  and I am also a supporter of BLES, an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

I love browsing through blog-land in search of people who feel about animals as I do and those who feel passionate about their lives. It's fascinating to learn how other people live their day to day lives. It's nice to know there are so many good people out there. I love taking pictures, I love having pen friends around the globe and I like to travel (but airplanes terrify me).

If you happen to stop by, a comment is more than welcome :)

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