May 3, 2010

Tanya's Art

Tanya is a young Australian artist who just had an article about her and her stunning art published! Congratulations Tanya! I am not an art connoisseur or critic, but I know I like her paintings. My favorite is her Heart Art series because of the interesting use of vibrant colors, dynamics of the paintings and the choice of subjects. Tanya is an animal lover and she used to work at Australia Zoo as a big cats handler (that is why we actually got to know each other). Tanya is selling her art and if you are interested, you can contact her through Tanya's website where you can take a look at her gallery, too. She is also "taking on consignment work to fit your budget and create original art that is inspired by your vision, colour schemes and ideas". Just how cool is that? She says she has "always expressed herself best through an instrument, such as a pen or brush. and isconstantly stretching her artistic abilities, exploring other mediums and styles. 

I have her permission to share some of her artwork on my blog but you are very welcome to visit her little corner of the world wide web. Let me start with my favorite one:)
 Golden Cat

Daphne the Mermaid
The Messy Heart
Passion Horse
From her Euro series

Good luck, Tanya! Fingers crossed:)


Louise said...

I certainly envy people with the talent that Tanya has. Best of luck to her.

Anonymous said...

I like Tanya's use of color. My favorite is the messy heart.

Sandra said...

I like the art as well. Love the horses!

Elda said...

what a great artist. very very inspirationl! i particularly loved daphne and the messy heart. i like the use of vivid colors, as i'm a strong person myself and love colors. i think they impress a lot. congrats tanya, and i'll check out your gallery soon! love from italy!

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