October 21, 2013

Rocky update

Rocky is doing so much better and she has been home from the hospital since Friday. Still on antibiotics but doing ok. She had a fluid accumulation health problem and of course. 2 of 4 vets said it was FIP. Only it is NOT!!! They have done extensive examinations, lab tests in Germany and a CT scan that confirm FIP is not a possibility. She does seem to have had a serious infection of the peritonitis but that is now, hopefully, healing. She has never lost her appetite, her will to play and purr and now being back home it will only do her even more good. One of our members adopted her when she was really sick and she drove 120 km every day just to pay her a visit during her 2 weeks stay at the vet hospital. Love knows no boundaries. And here's ....                                               
                                                  Rocky in her fancy new pink dress :) 

And here's Blu, Rocky's big sister, also adopted from our society in 2012. 


And her big brother, Žižolo, another rescue. 


Jane and Chris said...

Her markings are just like my Zoe's!
Glad to hear that she is doing better.
Jane x

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

that is one thing I HATE about FIP. Vets with no imagination and no diagnostic skills get to a diagnosis of FIP long before they should, since it is a diagnosis of exclusion..

many purrs for Rocky that they can figure out what it really is

meowmeowmans said...

So glad Rocky is doing better, and is back home. She sure looks pretty in her pink dress. :)

We are purring and praying that the vets can figure out how to get her all better, and soon.

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