September 3, 2013

Birthday, friends, flowers and veggies

The best of friends and the in-laws (last couple on the right)
We celebrated my Dad's birthday in Poljane. Their best friends and my in-laws made a nice company. There was lots of laughter, jokes, eating and celebrating. My Dad turned 73 and he is still in great shape as he tends to the garden and keeps everything in order around the house. My Mum is of course as hard working as he is.
The birthday "boy" and my Mum

They love flowers so there is all kinds around the house. 

And they (as do I) love everything home grown. 


Rulci said...

Happy birthday to dad, wish him many years to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables, lol) of his labor!

Martinas Welt said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Melody said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Dad!!
Great group photo ~ and lovely flowers and food too! :)))))

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