December 20, 2011

Winter has come to the fairytale village

My good friend Melody calls the village where my mother was born and raised, Poljane, a fairytale village. And the description fits it perfectly. Not many people live there now, but my parents renovated my grandparents house and now they have added a summer kitchen, too. We went to see it and were pleasantly surprised by fresh snow. Not much but just enough to make everything look like it fell under a magic spell. I love winter, I love the snow and I love getting up close to this wonder of nature. 

Now I can't even move the mouse as Gris has occupied the mouse pad and is very attentively watching me type this. Or maybe he is reading this as I write... I think he just noticed a mistake.... he keep hitting the "delete" key :)) 

The new summer kitchen

What do you see?

Poljane's church


Sharon said...

Very pretty pictures, it does look like a fairyland. The image in the end of the log reminds me of a butterfly.

So Gris has decided to be an editor, lol!

TexWisGirl said...

a beautiful place! your frost photos are gorgeous! :)

Melody said...

Ahhhh, a Christmas treat ~ i get to see my favorite fairytale place!
You seem to have a good handle on taking "close ups"! :))))
Gorgeous pictures!
I see a heart of course! (though it could be a butterfly if you squint....)
Love the new kitchen! I'm sure you could cook something warm and yummy NOW ~ summer so far off!
Roasty vegetables on a snowy day? Yummy!!
Christmas Hugs to you!! :))))

Elda said...

it's lovely, sandra! i hope you'll take me there once again!

Morning Bray Farm said...

Beautiful photos, Sandra. Enchanting. I saw a butterfly!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Sandra but if you want more snow you know where to come!? ;-)
Love, Birna

Lori Skoog said...

Beautiful photos Sandra! I LOVE that summer kitchen.

Anya said...

The frost photos are amazing. May I ask what type of camera you use to take such incredible images?

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