December 31, 2011

Srečno Novo leto everyone!

I spent the morning of the last day of 2011 at the cat shelter where I enjoyed every minute Sure, it is a lot of work to tend to 20+ cats, administer a few antibiotics, clean the entire place, feed the hungry mouths but the love I receive in return is priceless. Say hi to our furry angels who are in need of new homes. 

Wishing everybody a healthy and happy New Year. 
May it be beyond your expectations. 

Bea - she demands cuddles:)

Everybody loves a sunny spot



A gift from Leon - our former shelter cat:) 

Mef - the cuddliest of them all

Lan and Victoria: have you seen this cat before?


Victoria and Sash





Sharon said...

Beautiful cats! Love the picture of the fur pile in the sun!

Best wishes for the New Year!

Morning Bray Farm said...

Beautiful pictures... I can just hear the purring now. They look very happy; I'm sure in large part due to the love and care you provide them. :)

Thank you for all that you do. Happy New Year, Sandra.

Gods Little People said...

Sandra, this is my idea of BLISS exactly!! It reminds me of a Christmas about 10 years ago when I worked at a cat shelter. No one wanted the Christmas shift so I signed up. I literally had to pull myself away to go home and spend a bit of time with my family!
I hope all these beauties find safe and loving homes. They are all gorgeous!
P.s. I also hear it so often - you can't save them all. I also say "At least I can try!"
Happy New Year

TexWisGirl said...

they are adorable! and lucky to have you tending to them! may they find permanent loving homes!

Melody said...

Such beautiful little creatures! How nice that they have blankets and pillows, and you to fluff them! Fingers crossed they all find loving homes with someone to cuddle them full time!
Happy New Year my lovely friend and may we all get to spend more time in 2012 doing what makes our hearts sing! :)))) ((((hug)))) !!

cathy@home said...

They Look so beautiful and clean I hope all of them find a loving home.
But for now I want to say Well done to you for the time you spend tending them you can see how much love they have.

Deb said...

Lovely photos, Sandra. You are a very special lady.

Knatolee said...

These photos are so lovely! I think my favourite is all the cats together in the sun. Such beauties.

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