November 18, 2011

The new gang

I spend most of my free time at the cat shelter and although I do read your blogs, I don't have the time to post on mine. I've been really running on fumes lately with a full time job and daily volunteering at the cat shelter (the staff is really scarce, so are the finances). I took today off to get some rest and... bond with my foster kitties:)) I foster 3 now, 2 brothers and a fluffy black with a touch of gray long haired diva by the name of Tammy (I will write another post on how she got her name). Tammy had some ears problems, the other two are fine but the conditions at the shelter, where there is no heating, was just too raw for them so I took them home with me. My husband is enjoying them, too, although he wasn't too keen on fostering 3 of them. They have their own room, toys, beds.... and most of all, they have each other. Tammy is a real diva, always looking for a duel. Ris (pronounced reese, meaning lynx) is very shy but after cuddling he relaxes a bit and has the most beautiful face. Gris (pron. greese) is the gentlest soul - he craves for attention and purrs just when you look at him. The two divas of my own, Pupa and Mika, have no interest in them, at all. They know they own us, so they don't worry about the three little cherubs. And here they are! 
Getting ready for some nap time


Eva said...

What a cute bunch of fur :-)
They are lovely and irresistable. Thank goodness you are so far away so I won't be tempted. ;-)

Rulci said...

OK, put Ris in a box and mail him to me! :D
I would so get him if I were there!!!!!

Rulci said...

OK, put Ris in a box and mail him (?) to me! ^_^
I would so adopt him if I were in Slovenia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

What sweet little kittens! I can't imagine them being a problem, they look so soft and cuddly. They took some good pictures! Best of luck in finding them some good homes.

Melody said...

Oh my! How cute are they???
(Great photos by the way!)
Yes, very good thing I too am so far away... i had a dream the other night that i agreed to getting ANOTHER cat, on the basis that we didn't have a black one yet... I have no spine even when i'm asleep!! :))))

Janet said...

They are adorable !

TexWisGirl said...

they are adorable! so glad you're giving them a good (temporary) home!

Martinas Welt said... cute!!! They are a bit smaller than our three...I guess they are born in August or September while ours are July Babies? Today I have bought a BIG scartching post for them, as they will move to our heating room sonn in the cellar when we are not at home, as they really make a mess of our house!! I hope to make a pghoto of them soon to show you!
Please take time and do not work too hard!!!

Tina said...

Omg look at those precious little faces! I am so glad they are with you!
Well now I know why I work at a donkey shelter and not a small animal shelter, can't take those donkeys with me! Lol.

cathy@home said...

What a lovely little family

Morning Bray Farm said...

They're adorable, Sandra! What great photos... their eyes are captivating.

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