July 4, 2011

A mix of pix

a beautiful day
Pupa doing her nails
My best friend Alenka and little me, back in 1973 or 1974
My best friend Alenka (on the right) and me celebrating my 40th birhtday in early June

Mika being comfortable on our bed
Ginger... walking away
Behind the camera


Louise said...

How wonderful that you have been best friends with Alenka for so many years. We make true friends very rarely, and it looks like you really cherish yours.

Vegan Flower said...

I love posts like this! The clouds are beautiful. I often will just sit and watch them.

Pupa looks so much like Flower. <3

Happy belated 40th! I'll be celebrating mine in a little less than 3 years and am looking forward to it. The 40's just seem like such a wonderful decade in life.

I adore your bed sheets. Really great pics overall!

Sharon said...

Very nice pictures! How great is that - to have a friend so long? I have a couple like that and wouldn't trade them for anything!

Have a great Day (evening, night...)

texwisgirl said...

oh, that sweet kitten and that turtle butt! :)

happy (belated) birthday to you too!

Leontien said...

That's a mix of pics indeed!
Thanks for the great shots


Eva said...

Nice photos. The clouds are pretty, and so is the back of the turtle. ;-)
Love the photo of the young you, and the little bit older you ;-)

Melody said...

Great picutres!
Love the "then and now" photos!
Looks like Mika is trying to leap over the daisies on your bedspread!
If you ever write a book you can use the photo of Ginger as the last page..."the end" :))))))

Melody said...

I love the photos! The then and now of you and Alenka is great! I think Mika is poised to leap over the daisies!!!I'm so glad i don't have to "do my nails" that way... i fear my leg would get stuck behind my ear someplace... Ginger's pic would make a great last page if you write a book! "the end" :))))))

Melody said...

sorry... you can delete the double comments... things keep disapearing on me... :((((

Morning Bray Farm said...

A beautiful mix of photos. The one of Mika on the bed almost doesn't look real because of the flowers. :)

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