April 23, 2011

Kitties from our shelter

She was found in a warehouse, where she has just given birth, so we took her in:)) Her name is Minni and she has 5 babies.

Dolce and her kittens. The little tiger is Minni's but as she is a bit weak we asked Dolce to adopted one of her babies. She first licked him/her all over and than accepted it like one of her own:) Dolce came to the shelter very pregnant and has 4 babies.


Perla and her kittens. Her owner ended up in the hospital for an unknown time so the relatives brought her and her babies to the shelter. She has 3 babies of her own and one adopted.


Minni and her babies

I'm going to be on FB and a blog? Get out of here!
(one of Perla's babies)

One of the outdoors cats (she really likes to take a nap on my car)

Dolce's babies (the little tiger is the one we took from Minni)

One of the outdoors cat

The outdoors cats

Whaaat? I'll be on Facebook, too?
This little one was found wondering all alone and a nice one brought him/her to the shelter.
Perla adopted him/her immediately!

Perla and the little ones

Isn't he/she just gorgeous?

And what about this one? My heart just melts!


texwisgirl said...

how sweet! i love that the mothers are so accepting to adopt other little ones in need! how precious! i hope they all do well and find good homes. i wish my Tuxedo cat would accept more here, but he just won't let any other cats reside in his barn (and without that protection, the dogs won't let them reside here either!)

Martinas Welt said...

Oh my God...soo many really beautiful cats and kittens!!! Interesting colours - really! I had a good laugh with your black kitten photo and your text about..oh...I will be on facebook, too?! Sooo funny! And what a pic!!!!!! Dolce is a super pretty cat, I think!!!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You know, cats were my first love, and your pictures have reminded me why! They are all just precious, and I'm glad they're safe!! I hope they all find wonderful forever homes!!

Janet said...

My heart just melts too ! they are all adorable- I hope you find them all excellent forever homes soon .

Eva said...

Those kittens have such a funny look on their little faces, as if they are surprised. :-)))
Never seen a cat like Silver before ... very special but pretty

Melody said...

Looks like your getting the hang of the camera!! :))) They are all beautiful!! (it's a good thing i live so far away...) That one of the black cat is awesome! Looks like a perfect Halloween cat!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

omg, what a beautiful post! i love your photos and their beautiful little faces and bodies. each and every little cat is simply precious and i despise the humans who do leave them to suffer alone with no food or shelter or care. thank you for caring for them and may you be blessed beyond your dreams!

Vegan Flower said...

They're all so beautiful! I hope they find loving homes very soon. <3

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