February 27, 2011

This & That

I have neglected this blog for too long. I know. But it's not like you missed on anything:)) Thankfully there are so many great blogs around - I visit them all the time as they are right there on my blog roll. I am sorry I have neglected commenting on your ever so inspiring blogs - I barely had the energy to read, let alone think of something smart or witty or even nice to comment. 

My family is going through some really hard times: my only aunt is slowly losing her fight against a terminal cancer, my Dad needs urgent triple by-pass surgery, my Mom is taking care of her only sister and now worrying for my Dad as well. She also "finds the time"  to worry about me. I try to help my aunt, I am spending more time with my parents and I still volunteer at the cat shelter on occasion (less than I would like to). Work has been way too stressful. It's hard keeping everything under control and there were periods when I barely functioned any more. I am now feeling better and am hoping this "down time" lasts for a few more weeks. When I finally came home in the past months, I checked my FB, your blogs and than put on a TV show so I can relax, forget about the day and fall into someone else's drama. A nice movie, a good book or a letter to write, were my medicine. I am now reading Eat Pray Love and I am loving it!!! 

I wish I could just sit on the bench under that tree and be totally worry free. 
Anyone want to join me?


Sharon said...

Sounds like a lot of emotional stress is filling your plate. I understand, I have a lot on my plate too. If I didn't have the blogs and my FB I believe I would be in sorry shape. I guess, I figure if I work at being happy and perky, it will rub off into my life, and it does seem to help me.

Yes, Sandra, I would love to sit on a bench, under a tree with you and be worry free.


texwisgirl said...

Sorry you've had such woes. Prayers for your family. I hope you can keep your head above water and your heart filled with love. :)

Melody said...

I would love to sit under the tree with you.... I'll bring a thermos of hot chocolate, and some warm gingerbread; we can soak up the warm winter sun, breathe in some crisp snowy air, and just be still for a while. *sigh
Rest yourself whenever you can, and know I think of you often. *BIG hug*

Morning Bray Farm said...

Yes, I do want to join you.

I'm sorry for all that you're facing right now. Hugs.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Oh no, Sandra, what a difficult time for you and your family! Sending lots of hugs your way! And yes, I too would love to join you under that tree!
Sue and the crew

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