December 19, 2010

Can we help a fellow blooger, a great lady and a great cat at the same time?

Sharon, from is trying to find a good home for her beautiful cat. Do you know anybody, who could take in DC? If not, could you share the information, please? Here's the copy of Sharon's post (I have her permission to repost). 

Good luck Sharon, good luck DC!


"DC Needs a Home

I have yet another sinus infection, allergies start them, and I am allergic to cats. Allergy medicines can do so much - help some, dry out some, make no difference after a while and occasionally mess with the medicine I am on for other things. I have kept my sweet DC, because I thought my son would take her eventually, but it turns out, he is also allergic to cats. I am currently looking for a home for a basically unadoptable old cat. DC is afraid of everything, someone knocks on the door, she runs and hides. Take her somewhere in the cat carrier - she pees as soon as you start the car. Except for the obvious cat hair, most people don't know that I even have a cat. She is an indoor cat and has no idea about the outside world, I am so afraid she will get out and dogs will chase her down and she will be meat or never seen again. I do not know how she would react to another cat or cats, she has been the Queen, since the former Queen passed away 7-8 years ago. DC is either 11 or 12 years old, has not had shots of any kind since she was a kitten. She appears in very good health. I'm sure, that if you follow my blog, you have seen many pictures of her, she's a friendly sort, once she gets to know you. She tells you when her food is gone, or if there is no water to drink and sometimes she comes for petting or a scritch or two. She loves being brushed, once she realizes what you are doing. She is still curious and likes to skitter little things across the floor. She loves watching the birds and sleeping in the sun. Her ideal placement would be with an older lady, perhaps one that has recently lost her cat and needs one to love and one that will love her. So, if you know of someone between Florence, AL and Columbia, TN who would love my DC as much as I do and wants her for a companion, please let me know. I have written to "Cause for Paws" and have as yet had no response. I hate to even think the alternative."


texwisgirl said...

Thank you for reposting Sharon's message. I'm saying my prayers for both of them too. :)

Sharon said...

I still haven't heard from the Cause for Paws people, it's a bit disheartening.

Thank you for doing this Sandra! It's nice of you to help!


Feral Female said...

Aww poor Sharon and DC. I`ll keep them in my prayers!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Has DC found a home? Does anyone know?

This post just popped up on the "You might also like" list for us here, so we have no good way of finding any follow up posts.

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