July 9, 2010

The baby elephant - Pheung Yai - is at the elephant sanctuary!

Remember the little elephant I wrote about and how he needed to be rescued? I am happy to update you on his successful rescue: he is safe in the BLES sanctuary:)) Here's what Katherine wrote:

"This little elephant is embarking on a new life, in a new home, with a new family — it is a brand new start for him. So, it is only right that he should be awarded a new name. Plai Mee Chok which means ‘Blessed’ was the obvious choice and Anon and I were inspired by all of you who played a part in this rescue...." read more. You can see photos of him as well in Katherine's Journal.

Another day, another rescue:)) Life is good... but we mustn't forget Wassana... she still needs good people to help her get off the streets and away from the abuse. Hang on, girl, help is on the way! 


Sharon said...

Blessed is a good name for the little guy! Good that he made it there! Thanks for keeping us updated!

polly's path said...

Sandra-thanks for the sweet comments!!!
You are a girl after my own heart. I have added you to my blogroll, and will not have to catch up with your blog.
By the way, I just got a call this morning from the animal cruelty enforcement agency I recently joined, and I most likely will do my first official transport tomorrow. Can't wait.

Sam said...

wow. this is fantastic. post often. Keri


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