March 27, 2010

Echoes (inspired by Melody)

Melody is one of my greatest pen pals in the whole wide world. Among other things she loves the echoes from the past. You can find her blog here. Here's some shots of objects in Poljane, my Mum's home village. 
The year on the village's church's step


Martinas Welt said... sister has this kitchen scale...still for baking!! =) LOL I never knew how to use it. My mum has an even older one, which I always loved to use.

Elda said...

excellent shots!

Sandra said...

Martina, my Grandma used to have that scale and it is still a mystery to me, too:)))

Elda, thanks.)

Melody said...

Oooo, my goodness; i'm blushing.... :) BEAUTIFUL photos as always...there's nothing quite like villages and fairy tales, to make a girl smile! Makes me want to crawl thru my screen and pop on in Poljane! xox

Christina said...

I love these photos, there is so much history there.

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