January 12, 2010

Misha was adopted!!!

I first met Misha in the beginning of February of 2009. I was just leaving the shelter when 2 ladies who work there came and they had Misha with them. She was found in a village, hungry and very scared as everybody was chasing her away because she was pregnant. They asked me if I could stay a little longer to keep Misha company while they prepared a kennel for her. She wouldn't move a centimeter, she was just too shy and so humble that it broke my heart. I was given the honor to name her and I chose the name Misha as it had such a gentle and sweet sound to it (it's also a diminutive for a mouse). It was love at first sight! I started going to the shelter even more frequently and she changed so much in just a week! Even though she was huge she jumped up like a flee and was so full of energy and love. She liked going for walks but she liked cuddling even more! She gave birth to 7 beautiful pups on February 18th. And she was treated like Snow White:) Everybody at the shelter fell in love with her the minute they got to know her and we were all fussing over her and later over her pups as well. Here they are the day they were born, with their proud mum:

She was very tired during the first days and she didn't want to go for a walk but I managed to take her out for 15 minutes - she just wanted to be with her pups. This changed the bigger they got :) She was a brilliant mum and everybody who adopted one of the pups said the pups were well behaved, gentle, playful,happy. There was a waiting list for them and the shelter could chose the best of the owners for them.


After the pups were all adopted Misha was sterilized (shelter policy). She was always so happy to see me and she was a real joy. She loves to cuddle and instead of walking, I just sat down with her and we cuddled :)) I always like to walk the dogs who like to cuddle... it's obvious that I like cuddling them as much as they enjoy it! Misha was first adopted during the summer, but her new family brought her back as she just didn't adapt. I believe she's had some bad experience with men so she snarled at the husband and later on at kids as well. When Misha saw she is back at the shelter and the ladies who work there, she went crazy!! She whined, jumped, went totally nuts from joy.The woman who brought her back ended up in tears and she said that if she was half as crazy about them as she was about the shelter ladies, they wouldn't have brought her back. After that Misha didn't want to go on walks with strangers as she feared they might take her away from there, silly girl. But she genuinely loved it there. This time she was adopted by a woman who lives alone with another dog and 3 cats. She doesn't work, has a big house and a garden. She calls every day to report how Misha is doing, she kept her name (usually the new owner change the dog's name) and Misha is doing just fine. She sleeps with her new human in the bedroom!! I really hope she continues to do well. The woman said she will come visit after a few months and I really hope I get to see Misha again!!! I have mixed emotions about this: I am happy that she might find a permanent home, but I am also sad because I won't see her adorable face anymore.I am sorry this post is so long, but I cannot stop when I talk animals!


Melody said...

Stop making me get all snively at work... i'm supposed to be "scary" here.
It sounds like a nice lady has her... fingers crossed it works out this time!
You can use the left over cuddles for those still at the shelter... they will LOVE it! :)

Martinas Welt said...

Oh, Misha is such a cutie pie and it is great she is now adopted (and hope she will stay there and enjoy it, compared to her first try) although you will miss her!! What about her puppies? Are they all adoped?

Christina said...

Yay for Mishsa! Hugs to you, I know you'll miss her. {{{}}} I have enjoyed being here since the beginning of her story. Thanks for keeping me updated on her and her pups.

Sandra said...

Melody...I am keeping my fingers crossed, too!
Martina... All the puppies were adopted soon after they turned 7 or 8 weeks old.
Christina... yes, yay for Misha!!! I think this new home will work out for her.
Thank you all for your comments:-))))

Lori Skoog said...

Misha deserves a forever home...sounds like this might be it. She is a beautiful dog and so were her pups. I would venture to say that you had quite and impact on her.

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