January 17, 2010

An afternoon with Elda & Alice

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with my dear friend Elda (you can read her blog by clicking here) . Elda and her daughter Alice wanted to visit our dog shelter and I was more than glad to take them there. Because of Alice we only wanted to take out smaller dogs so that she could walk them. So we took Fleka (Flehkah) - seems like she was found in Trieste - what a coincidence! That is where Elda lives!! She has just been sterilized so she had to wear the, what I call, a satellite dish:) but that didn't spoil our experience.

She is a very nice, gentle and sweet girl who loves to give kisses :)) She really looks like she was with a good human family because she is well fed and her coat is shiny. I hope her she can get reunited with her family but if she doesn't I am sure she'll find a new one in a heartbeat.

As Alice absolutely wanted to walk another dog (even if it was quite cold) she chose Nelly. Nelly is a new arrival -  her owner ended up hospitalized and the dog's owner's son brought her to the shelter as he didn't want to take care of her. It may have been for the best. Nelly is a bit shy in the kennel but she is very nice on the walk and she looks quite funny, too, as she is soooo loooong!
I really hope we can repeat the experience some time soon!


Melody said...

Fleka looks like a little fox!! I love the one ear up one ear down! And Nelly is a looooong drink of water! Great Post!!! :)

Sandra said...

Yes, I thought Fleka looks like a fox, too:))

Christina said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me! Fleka has a very sweet face. Nelly and Alice pic is so nice to see, kids and dogs, they go good together. :-)

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